I Write. Therefore I’m…Stuck!

CONFUSED1I’ve been keeping a journal (which, at the moment, I can’t seem to locate) to jot down all my brilliant ideas that will keep you captivated, informed, entertained and buzzed…all at the same time.  Yes indeed. My blog will be the earth shattering, teeth chattering, bar stool tipping brilliance for which the female blogosphere has been bating their breath! A combination of Pioneer Woman meets The Bloggess meets the Hipstermom (she WAS my favorite. here’s why) meets EVERYTHING on Pinterest.

I’ve researched and read every article:

  • “How to Start Your own Blog in 10 minutes” (LIES! it has taken me 10+ hours…I’ll be writing about this for sure!)
  • “How to write a blog”
  • “How to NOT write a blog”
  • “How to grow your blog following in 500 easy steps”
  • “How to reach 5 bazillion viewers in 30 days” (step it up folks…it’s already been 5 days…tick tock!)
  • “How to make 10 bazillion bucks selling yourself out to ads and clicks and product spots” (I’m totally not above this btw…wink wink…I’m looking at you, Mr. Corporate ad man.)

Etc. Etc. My point is that I’m ready. Super duper ready to nail this blogging thing.

Now all I need are ideas. Good ones. Ready? GO!

Ready? GO! GO. go.

Ok. Maybe it isn’t as easy as they make it look. Maybe it isn’t about following the list of “how to’s”. I guess I’ll just write about:

  • What I know (and I know lots stuff about stuff…mostly food and booze and music and old books, bottles, keys, furniture…you get the point).
  • What I like (good food and booze…and cooking with booze!)
  • Where I go for fun and adventure (mostly places that serve good food and booze)

Are you seeing a theme emerge?

Don’t worry! I won’t write JUST about food and booze. I’ll think of something else. After all, I am a well-rounded, highly complex individual with varied interests and highly refined tastes. You’ll see. Stay tuned. Please come back.

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  1. Erin | 16th Nov 15

    Looking forward to more! You’ve got me hooked already!

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