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I have been SO excited about starting my new blog…Really, I have! But, boy oh boy, you couldn’t tell that by visiting, could you? Seems I have elevated my procrastination skills to include even things I love…. Like this blog.
This got me thinking… Is procrastination itself something I love to do? What is special about “putting off” and why does it feel so good? Why am I so productive while I’m avoid being productive?
procrastinate2I don’t watch much t.v. so it’s not a satisfying activity when I’m looking to procrastinate. Instead, here are some of the satisfying activities I’ve relished in while working to stay away from my WordPress dashboard.
1. Clean out drawers. My kitchen drawers have never been so organized as they are right now while I’ve put off this blog.
2. Never mind the weather. Take a walk! I have taken some breath taking walks around the farm this past month.
3. Naps are delicious!
4. Planned a vacation to Europe. It’s beautiful there this time of year. Do you know how many pubs there are in Dublin? A LOT. I want to visit them all!



5. Picked all the fruit off my orange and lemon trees and conducted extensive research on clever and delicious ways to use them. How about a Margarita Bar! And since we were hosting over 30 friends for Superbowl, we had to juice a lot of citrus. What a great excuse to use my very fun and efficient Kitchen Aid juicing attachment! (btw… this recipe for pulled pork will leave you weak in the knees!)

Juicy Meyers right in my backyard!
Juicy Meyers right in my backyard!



you need the kitchenaid juicer attachment!
you need the kitchenaid juicer attachment!

barrell of fun

save your old booze bottles for other occasions
save your old booze bottles for other occasions











Ok. So here’s my point about procrastination: it’s ok. The work WILL get done eventually. See? Here I am. writing. for you.

Now I just have to finish the other 5 articles I started while putting off this one.




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