I am not a writer. Let’s start with that. There have been plenty of times in my life when I’ve thought that I’m really not much of anything (That’s not intended to be as depressing as it sounds). These days, though, I think I’m just too much of EVERYTHING.

To start, I’m mommabear to 3 ranging in ages from 6 to 24. Yep, by the time my son is 18, I will have raised kids for 38 consecutive years. If that doesn’t make you wanna drink, I don’t know what would.

Next up, Entrepreneur. Lisa and I started Sea Salt Candy Co. in 2011 in the tiny beach community of Encinitas, CA with just a couple a fantastic recipes and a crazy idea. We’re not chocolatiers; we just make really good candy!

In February, we moved our lives and the business up north to Chico, CA since most of our ingredients come from here and it’s like 25 cents on the dollar to live and run a business.

Just for Sh!ts and giggles, we’ll throw in collector, mixologist, foodie (and darn good cook ifIdosaysomyself), VERY amateur gardener/farmer, dive bar aficionado, and avid attempter (that’s like a DIYer just not as good at it).

So here I am. Take me or leave me. I’ll share some pictures, write stories, concoct recipes and record some honest attempts. I’m a work in progress (just like you!) Hopefully I’ll be able to brighten your day a bit now and then.

Sweet regards….G